Become a Speaker


Express Yourself! Hear and Be Heard, Tell us about your Passion! Inform us about current events that are impacting Women! Do you have a topic/audience of interest and no venue to share? The Houston Women’s Group (HWG) can help!  Speakers and topics are focused on empowering Women as well as sharing perspectives.  Some examples are:

  • Personal/Career/Political Journeys
  • Local/State/National/Global legislative issues
  • Impacting Relationships; Familial/Personal
  • Artists/ Writers/Poets/ Travelers/Fashionistas and others expressing their creativity
  • Book reviews/Documentaries/Movie Shorts
  • Entrepreneur’s/Marketing/Technology
  • New Topics that YOU Introduce to us

From novice to experienced our mission is to get engaged with you through dialogue about a topic and provide the following-

  • Encouragement
  • Support in an impactful way
  • Feedback
  • Recommend Resources
  • Informal Mentoring
  • Connect you with the Houston Community

Copy and paste the questionnaire below and send it to  and we will present your request to the group and contact you ASAP!

Questionnaire – 


Contact e-mail and phone number:


Group Affiliation (if any):

Dates available to speak (please provide multiple options if possible):


Sunday Discussion is as follows

Meet and Greet/Current Events1030: AM -11AM
Speaker Introduction           11:05AM
Speaker Discussion            11:05AM -11:45AM
Q and A                                   11:45AM -Noon
Lunch(Optional)                   Group Choice




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